Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Someone sent me an email a long time ago to relay a quote that I wish to now relay to you. I don't know the quote's origin, but it's the content that counts.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."

Have courage, dear heart.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

i've spent the past few days trekking the pacific coast, being pampered and handled in forms and fashions that fantasies are made of, eating the finest breakfasts that oregon's b&b's have to offer, and getting lost amongst redwoods and dirty blonde.

friday the rains came and came which made the ocean's surf appear angry. the waves were immense; the spray from the impact between sea and rocks was explosive. saturday the weather was much calmer, and the sun warmed the sand which made for nice coastline hiking in tall grass with cool winds and soothing sounds all around.

norwegian waffles are good, especially when garnished with vanilla bean yogurt and fresh raspberry syrup.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

My journey to the west is complete, and what a journey it was. I've been spending my time getting adjusted to new surroundings, new street names, new sights, smells, accents, and culture (or the apparent lack thereof). It's not easy.

And last night there was a show on the A&E channel about a murder in Dallas, and I got to see the skyline, the streets, and places still too familiar not to miss when presented with visual images through the tv.

I miss my friends. I miss having friends, even the ones I saw all too infrequently. The comfort of knowing that they're there is gone because I'm gone. I miss my band and playing music with the identity and credibility of being "the bassist from that band". Here I'm less than a nobody because nobody knows I'm here except for the people that I can't see.

It's a beautiful place - my new home. But the drawbacks are beginning to suffocate me in this crisp, clean, 72 degree un-humidified air. I need to go hiking and discover all the things I came here for. I need to meet someone really cool who can clue me in on what's to do in this small town on a Saturday night. That would be nice.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Here's my latest internet literature goldmine: Search and Rescue reports from Mount Rainier.

I found this after reading of another fallen climber on the Liberty Ridge ascent of Mount Rainier. I was curious to see what the route looks like that has already been in the national news twice this year for climber fatalities.

Each report seems to have surreal elements that I would think typical of a film production - very intriguing when the "this really happened" element comes into play.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

My morning routine consists of coffee, checking a couple blogs, catching up on international news, and KEXP. Coffee gets me going. Blogs keep me informed when it's hard to keep in touch with friends through other means. The news keeps me grounded, conscious of things for which I should be endlessly thankful. The music brings me subtle reminders of things and people I love.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Lately, I've been surrounding myself with activity. I used to stay at home a lot, spending hours on this computer, reading, writing, and playing. Now with my relocation immanent, I'm in training. Computer time has been cut to maybe five percent of what it was a year ago, and in its place there's been rollerblading, bike riding, and scrabble.

My first time back on skates in eight years was a 14 mile ride from my place to Lake Ray Hubbard and then through the surrounding neighborhood hills. It was fun but grueling. I did, however, prove to myself that I'm not in bad shape despite years of basic inactivity, beer consumption, and smoking. Excess hasn't been excessive, or something - anyway, I'm in decent shape.

The second excursion was 20 (+) miles to White Rock Lake and the lookout where there's a perfect view of the Dallas skyline. It was a huge ride on skates, and the last two miles tested my will to live - or to skate anyway. It was exhausting.

The day after, I decided to go on a bike instead of skates because it had been raining. Skates don't do so well through puddles. That ride was easy in comparison to the others, but I learned that years of stress on my knees from working have taken their toll. Biking is easier, but it hurts more.

So the training is underway. In less than a month I'll have the chance to put my physical conditioning to good use on Mount Ashland or maybe in the Sky Lakes Basin. I've gotta scope out all the cool spots for when you come visit.

I'll be taking pictures.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Texas has been pretty good to me. Lately my thoughts are mostly occupied by all the things I'll miss when I head west in June. There's too much to list, but I'm still both excited and afraid by the adventure stirring on the horizon.

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